1. Economics
Welfare Economics
Public Sector Economics
Regulatory Economics
Business Cycles
International Economics
Economic Planning, Policy Development
Industrial Economics
Comparative Economic Systems
Rational Expectations Theory
Central Bank Independence
Commercial Policy, Protection, Trade Negotiations
Economic Integration
Trade and Labor Market Interactions
International Factor Movements
Innovation Economics
Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents
National Budget, Deficit, and Debt
Intergovernmental Relations
Regulatory Economics
Islamic Economics
Constitutional Economics
Institutional Economics
Managerial Economics
2. Management Science
Information Management
Information Resource Management
Knowledge Management
Organizational Management
Electronic Government
Information Security
Business Intelligence
Business Performance Management
Customer Relationship Management
IT service Management
IT project Management
Logistics Informatization
Logistics Distribution Management
Information Technology and Sustainable Development of Corporation
Information Economics
Complex Networks
Network Culture and Harmonious Society
Innovation Management
Innovation Management Theory
Innovation Ability
Innovation and Reform Management
Core competence and Strategy Innovations
Open Innovation
Radical Innovation
Self-Directed Innovation
Integration Innovation
Disintegrations Innovation and Complex System Innovation
Technology , Organization and Culture Innovation
Innovative System and Service Innovation
Innovation Management Tools
3. Management Engineering
Project Management
Production Management
Scheduling and Line Balancing
Production Planning and Inventory Strategy
Total Quality Control
Advanced Production Management Methodologies
Lean Production
Agile Manufacturing
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Reengineering in Industrial Management
Just in Time Production
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Green Manufacturing
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Engineering Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
Project and Quality Management
Environment and Energy Management

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